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Why Hire

Our Team

We do not disappoint. Our 8+ years of industry experience gives us a competitive edge when it comes to property rental management. And because we specialise in property management, we aim to find suitable tenants for you as soon as possible.

Experienced Contractors

Second, we only work with experienced contractors. So, once done, you do not have to worry about premature damages since they employ only the best materials and technology in rental property development.

We are also passionate about the real estate industry. Therefore, we are always up to date with the current trends and dynamics in property management. With this, we can create captivating and memorable ad campaigns for properties listed with us.

And what better way to deal with your clients than through an open, honest, and reliable real estate management agency? We have fixed management fees with no additional charges. So, you get your money’s worth.

Our Entry Condition Reports

As part of the rental property management, the real estate agent in charge of the property should have a well-documented entry report for the tenant and owner of the property.

Our reports include general information, such as the house number, the type of house, and its location. We also have details on the space available, such as the size of the unit, the rooms, bathrooms, parking slots, and garages.

You can also find the rooming accommodation report, on the house’s condition, whether it is clean and undamaged.

We also allow the tenants to fill in their comments to avoid any conflict when settling the security deposit refund at the end of the tenancy. The tenants also include their names and signature before tendering the report for official validation.

The Team you can Trust

Due to our meticulous nature in keeping records of all property conditions under our agency, we have built trust and confidence among property owners while creating a competitive presence among prospective tenants.

Rest easy today, and let us manage your rental property for you. We handle all areas of property maintenance, administration, and research. Through our passion and love for the market, we work hard to ensure your property is never vacant and you never receive any complaints from your tenants.

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